Transmission Fluid Is Leaking

Transmission Fluid Is Leaking

Your vehicle’s transmission plays a vital role when you take on the streets of Saco, Portland, and Scarborough, Maine. It helps maintain smooth handling and gives you better control of the vehicle. However, if you have a transmission leak, it could be putting a damper on your driving.

To find out why your car’s transmission fluid is leaking and what you can do about it, the team at Ira Honda Saco is here to help. The professional technicians in our service center are waiting to help you resolve this issue, so keep reading and make an appointment today!

Is My Car Leaking Transmission Fluid?

Transmission FluidWhen you spot a leak under your vehicle, it can be difficult to find where the leak is coming from. It is possible that the root cause is your transmission, but how can you tell?

The first thing you should do is inspect the leak itself. Transmission leaks will leave dark spots under the car and the fluid will often be red, slippery, and have an oily smell. However, if other issues are occurring with the transmission, it may also be a brownish hue.

Next, check the transmission dipstick under the hood of the vehicle. If the fluid level is low or there is no fluid, you may have a leak on your hands.

What is Causing my Car’s Transmission to Leak?

There are several reasons why your transmission is leaking. The certified technicians in our service center can determine the cause, which may be one of the following:

  • Transmission Lines: Transmissions have fluid lines like your brakes do. Though these are made from strong materials and engineered to last, old age and excessive heat cause can cause damage. This results in cracks and holes that could leak transmission fluid.
  • Seals: Made of rubber or metal, seals within your transmission make sure all the fluid stays where it should. Over time, however, heat can affect the durability of these seals, causing fluid to leak.
  • Pump: Transmission fluid uses a pump to get into the lines. If this pump cracks, fluid can leak from it when the pump pushes out the fluid. If this is the cause of your leak, a new transmission pump can be installed.

Signs of Transmissions Leaks

Not sure if your transmission is leaking? Look for the following signs. If you spot any, make sure to schedule an appointment at our state-of-the-art service center! Our team will be happy to get you back on the road safely quickly.

  • You see a puddle of red or brown fluid under your vehicle
  • Your dashboard transmission light is illuminated
  • Your transmission is making grinding or clunking noises when it shifts
  • You feel an unusual vibration, especially when shifting
  • Your transmission is slow to shift or slips gears

Fix Your Leaky Transmission at Ira Honda Saco!

At our dealership’s service center, our technicians have the tools, experience, and technologies on hand to repair your model’s transmission leaks.

Drivers in Saco, Portland, and Scarborough, ME, can schedule an appointment with Ira Honda Saco today! Use our online portal or give our service center a call.

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